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Convert Miles To Kilometers

Converting miles to kilometers is easy with the miles to kilometers converter. Just enter the number of miles in the box labeled "Miles" below and click on "Calculate" and the number of kilometers will show up in the other box labeled kilometers.

Miles: miles ==>>> Kilometers: km

You can also convert kilometers to miles here.

From Kilometers per Hour to Miles per Hour

This converter transforms kilometers per hour (km/h) to miles per hour (mph). Enter your kilometers per hour into the left box labeled "Kilometers per hour" and click on "Convert to mph!", the miles per hour will show up in the box to the right labeled "miles per hour"

Kilometers per hour: km/h ==>>> Miles per hour: mph

From Miles per Hour to Kilometers per Hour

To convert your speed the other way around from miles per hour to kilometers per hour enter your miles per hour value into the box labeled "Miles per hour" and click on "Convert to km/h!", the kilometers per hour will be calculated and show up in the box to the rigth labeled "Kilometers per hour"

Miles per hour: mph ==>>> Kilometers per hour: km/h

Convert Euro per Liter to Dollars per Gallon

Compare gas prices between the EU and the United States, give your price in euro per liter and we'll give it back to you in dollars per gallon. We use a fixed currency conversion of 1.48 dollars per euro

Price in euro: euro/liter ==>>> Price in dollars: $/gallon

Find out the miles per gallon value of your vehicle

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