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Calculate The Total Cost Per Mile

Fuel cost is not everything, the cost of the vehicle also needs to be spread out over the miles driven to calculate to total cost of ownership, per mile, for that vehicle. Additionally insurance and repairs will have to be added to that number.

Enter all the costs associated with your vehicle in the form below and we will calculate to total cost per mile for your car, suv, truck or motorcycle.

If there is a cost you don't expect to have, just leave that field blank.

Price when new
What you paid for this vehicle or what you expect to pay for it if you don't own it yet

Miles when new
The odometer reading when the vehicle was new. If you don't own the vehicle yet just put a zero here.

Selling price
What you expect to get for your vehicle when you sell it.

Miles when sold
The number of miles on the odometer when you sell your vehicle, or if you put a zero in "Miles when new" put the total number of miles you expect to drive in this vehicle here.

Miles Per Gallon
The EPA mpg value or your actual personal mpg value for this vehicle.

Fuel Cost
The cost of one gallon of fuel. Use a price you expect to pay when filling up.

Yearly Insurance Cost
What do you expect to pay in insurance / year for this vehicle. Include all types of insurance you have or will have on the vehicle.

How Long Will You Own This Car
Enter the total number of years you will own this car

Calculate your gas mileage using miles and gallons
Convert Miles To Kilometers

Your cost per mile!

  • Vehicle: $0.1 / mile
  • Fuel: $0.15 / mile
  • Insurance: $0.02 / mile
  • Total: $0.27 / mile

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