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Metric Gas Mileage Calculator

Calculate Your Mileage in Liters and Kilometers

Find out the gas mileage of your car by entering the distance you have travelled and the amount of fuel that was used in the form below.

Give us the current fuel price in your local currency and we'll calculate your cost per kilometer at the same time. (It doesn't matter if you use petrol, diesel or bio-fuel, the calculator knows them all)

Fuel Mileage Calculator (Km / Liters)

Distance: km
Liters of fuel used: liters
Price in your currency (optional): per liter

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Calculate your gas mileage using miles and gallons
Convert Miles To Kilometers

When you click calculate your gas mileage will be computed and you will get a report on the fuel consumption of you car.

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How To Improve Your Gas Mileage

  1. Keeping the speed between 50 and 90 km/h when possible lets the engine run at the optimal rate and decreases the gas mileage.
  2. Avoid idling, especially if you have a large engine.
  3. Try not to accelerate and break all the time (even though it's fun), driving at even speed can increase gas mileage with as much as 30%.
  4. Keep your car and especially the engine in good chape and it will use less fuel
  5. Obviously fixing any fuel leaks will improve your gas mileage and prevent the ground from getting polluted.
  6. Check the tyre pressure regularily. Too low pressure will decrease your fuel mileage
  7. If you live in en area with freezing winter weather using an engine block heater before starting will improve fuel mileage and decrease strain on the engine.
  8. Buy a more fuel efficient car, or use a motorcycle if you're alone. Motorcycles often use only half as much fuel as a car but that's easy to forget when it's raining.
  9. Diesel engines use less fuel than the equivalent gas powered engine but may not be your ideal choice for a variety of other reasons.
  10. Walk or take the bike, you will get exercise at the same time. Driving short half kilometer trips uses a lot of fuel and is hard on the engine.

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